Family, Friends, and others who stumble upon this and are now New Friends,

I have a strong drive to be vulnerable and open, and to create an atmosphere of openness with the people I interact with in this crazy life. I have always admired and been driven to connect with people who share personal secrets and have sought to also act in that way. Here is my open attempt, my vulnerable self, my personal no-longer secret story.

My husband, who I will refer to as K, and I recently received news of our infertility. Our pregnancy journey has changed from one of monthly hope and tears, to a bigger pregnancy plan. A plan I have had no experience or understanding of. I laughed when someone told me it could be worse. I am plenty aware that things could be worse. I have a wild day-dreaming imagination and have thought of many things that could be worse. It is just that I have never, ever, considered this a “worst.” I believe that understanding and support will continue to make this plan “not the worst.” Infertility is an area I know I will become more knowledgeable of, and I hope to create a space where I can share not only information I have learned, but also my own story.

I am thankful to have a space where I can share and connect around this new adventure. I am so thankful for technology and that a baby is still in the cards. I am thankful to love science and have a husband who also loves science. I am thankful that I have supportive friends and family, and new friends. I am thankful that there is still a journey, it’s just not the one I planned. 

Thanks for joining our journey.

A and K

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