Books I Love

When I was 19, I knew that exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up, grew up; meaning, I knew what I wanted to do once I had made money. I knew what I wanted to do once I was most likely in my 40’s or 50’s, because I anticipated I would have enough money to be a full grown up and have my dream job. I wanted to open a book store. A book store where you could browse book recommendations, find a comfy chair to cozy up and read in. A book store where you could drink a glass of wine and maybe catch a glimpse of a cat leisurely napping in the sun. I wanted to run a business where I would want to be every single day.

When I was 19, I met my husband, K. He is the kind of guy who is so supportive that he jumped on the idea too. We both were able to have this grown up dream. And then 10 years later… He read a book, “The $100 Dollar Startup,” by Chris Guillebeau. The author said that money should not stand in the way of you and your business. He suggested starting what you can right away. K woke up early Saturday morning to share this thought. He suggested that we could start writing and sharing book recommendations right now. We should attempt to create the atmosphere and feeling of the book store, right here online.

Now, here I sit. Trying to sort my wildly excited thoughts on what to recommend first. On what cat pictures and wine to share. Does this mean I am officially grown up?

The house red is currently 14Hands Hot to Trot. This has been the house red for some time now. It is bold and drinkable with a hint of sweetness, and great legs. Grab a glass of 14Hands and browse the recommendations. I will also be enjoying a glass, so it is kind of like we are spending time together. You know how some people look up at the moon and in a dreamy voice tell their far away loved one to look up and enjoy the same moon. Well, far away loved one, look into the glass of red wine “it’s almost like you are right here next to me” (romantic dreamy voice).

Each recommendation will include a link to amazon, so you can purchase that book. When possible, I love supporting my local book stores. In a hurry, I might buy a book from Barnes and Noble, and my absolute favorite bookstore in Seattle is Elliot Bay Book Company. I cannot be in a hurry if I stop here. I can spend hours among the shelves of books. I will need to share some of my favorite book stores on here as well. With this being said, Amazon is a convenient way to get books to your door. And, by using the link, you will be supporting this future local book store.

When my husband and I were first married, we merged all our finances. We worked on budgets together and how to save for what we want and trips we would like to take. He noticed, I should say we, but I refuse to think this is a poor way of spending money, I spend quite a bit on books each month. Though I LOVE libraries, a whole additional topic. I love marking up a book, writing notes in the margins, lending a book to a friend, and you cannot do this in library books. Although, I once was reading a library book and someone put a star next to, “This is what amazes me: that people are new every day. That they are never the same. You must always invent them, and they must invent themselves, too.” I was very thankful and moved by that vandalism. There is something to be said for reading, noting, and passing along a book. I believe that by buying books, you are investing in yourself and your personal growth. Maybe it is growth around a certain topic, or the growth of your imagination. In our marriage, we did come to the conclusion that I should be spending less money on books and more time at the library. I recommend you buy the books, but if you can’t, take a picture and find the book at your local library. As a future book store owner, I probably should not be trying to persuade you not to buy books hah. But since we are friends sharing a beverage and book recommendations, please do what is financially responsible for you. Just kidding, buy the book.

I should share my goal for you as a customer. I want you to find a good book, glass of wine, delicious snack, and get lost in a story. I want you to walk in (or type in) to a space without a book in mind and leave reading something you might not have planned to. I want to hear what you are reading. I want to share what I have read and loved.

As an introvert I will take any excuse to stay home and avoid conversations with people. However, if you want to talk about books, I am your girl! Let’s have conversations. Let’s get to know each other through our recommendations. Let’s get started.

Many of my favorite books these last four years (I have been married for four years) have been books I have checked out from the library. So instead of recent recommendations, I’m going to start with the books I have on my book shelf. I decided to jump on board the Marie Kondo train and organize my book shelves. I touched each book and asked myself if I wanted to read this book again or recommend it to a friend. If the answer was yes, then I would love to recommend it to you, my friends!