My Favorite Authors

Nicholas Sparks

Every once in a while, I will become very much attached to an author and devour their books. The first time I fell in love with an author was in Middle School when I stumbled across A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, both by Nicholas Sparks. My heart ached and hurt reading these beautiful stories. I wept with the characters and felt my heart swell in a way I had never experienced in my young life. I think I can blame Mr. Sparks for making me, what my parents called, “Boy Crazy.” How can you not be boy crazy when there might be a boy like Landon Carter or Noah Calhoun right around the corner?

The book that made me fall head-over-heels for the author, was the book Message in a Bottle. I’m not sure how much time I spent weeping in my room while reading this book. Such a beautiful, incredible story.

Nicholas Sparks books make for a quick, romantic read. I recommend reading the books when you want to fall in love, and I would advise not finishing the stories in a public space, especially if you are an emotional human, like me.

Dan Brown

The next author I fell in love with is Dan Brown. I love this author in a very different way than Nicholas Sparks. When reading Sparks, I fall in love. When reading Brown, I find myself confused, lost, and shocked. I love when I don’t see the ending coming, or a twist in the story surprises me. I consider myself a pretty good guesser, and this author often keeps me guessing.

In Middle School, I picked up The Da Vinci Code. Due to the content of the book, and me being an impressionable, boy crazy, religious private school girl, my parents didn’t want me being swept away by the story or join some kind of cult. I’m actually not sure if my parents read this book – mom, did you? Anyways, I had the privilege of meeting with a family friend, who had read the book, to discuss and share my thoughts and questions. I loved this! Like I have shared, I love talking about books. It was great to have time set aside to talk about a book I was thoroughly enjoying. This idea of talking to an adult while I was reading has also stuck with me as a teacher. If a student is reading a book with content that is more advanced than their age, I often recommend to parents to have a book talk with their child or offer to have a conversation with the student. Thanks mom and dad, I didn’t join a cult, and I learned a valuable lesson about supporting young readers in exploring new content.

Also, fun fact about this family friend: he ended up being K and I’s marriage officiant! Truly love this man and his family!

Ok, back to Dan Brown. The stories are adventurous and fun to read, but a bit longer. I would not recommend purchasing the hardback version, talk about heavy! K is a real numbers guy, so the first book of Brown’s I recommended to him was Digital Fortress. We had a great time talking about this story when he was finished. This is a great adventure for the numbers lover in your life.

Origin gave me huge heebie-jeebies! I won’t really say more, out of fear of spoiling anything for you. This adventure is fun and I love spending time with Robert Langdon (the main character of many of Dan Brown’s books).

Chuck Palahnuik

If you were to ask me who my favorite author is, I would reply without any hesitation: Chuck Palahnuik. Talk about an author who will shock and surprise you! I typically walk away from his stories feeling a little nauseous, a bit terrified, slightly confused, and wildly entertained.

I vividly remember finishing the first book I read of his, Fight Club, while sitting in my parent’s hot tub. I dropped the book off the side and felt entirely drained, completely empty. I stared wide eyed at everything around me, as if seeing my surroundings for the first time. Impressionable, boy crazy, religious private school girl was confronted with a voice and story that made me feel utterly alone, yet entirely known. The idea of not being a unique snowflake in this world made me feel so whole and satisfied. I felt less pressure to do anything or be anything other then what I wanted to be and do.

Chuck Palahnuik challenges everything I believe in and everything I think I know. My small world is bigger and better because of his genius mind.

Warning, I would never recommend his books to young readers or my parents. If you are squeamish or easily made uncomfortable, you might not choose his books. If you are up for some confrontations and enjoy a bit of discomfort, holy cow I have some books for you.

My absolute favorite book in this entire world is Invisible Monsters, which also happens to house one of my favorite ideas about myself: “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known” Chuck Palahniuk. I find quite a bit of contentment in this statement. I love being a bit of everyone I know and love. Thanks, friends, for playing a part in my perfectly unoriginal self and life.

Please take a moment to admire my Chuck Palahnuik book shelf. The signed bloody arm was a door prize I received at one of his book signings. I cried. A bloody arm made me cry. It is proudly displayed in the main living space of my apartment, to my husbands horror.

Need some short stories and a new coloring book? You are in luck!

Fight Club 2 was published in monthly comic installments and later compiled into a graphic novel. Fight Club 3 is currently being released as month comics and will be available in April 2020 – I cannot wait!

John Green

Every once in a while, I feel so thankful to read a book that captures my attention and thoughts so fully that the book destroys my sleep cycle. Thank you, The Fault in Our Stars. I had a sore arm and neck after staying up all night under the covers, with a book light, trying to weep silently. John Green has an easy going, quick paced, relatable writing style that makes his book entertaining and relatively quick to read. After reading The Fault in Our Stars, I felt I had to read everything he has ever written. His characters each have a developed voice is enjoyable to binge read.

When I read his most recent book, Turtles All the Way Down, I felt a bit startled at how much I could connect to the main character’s emotions. I often get stuck in my own head and get twisted up by certain thoughts, over-analyzing everything, getting lost in my own dark hole in my head. I loved this book but would not recommend it to a friend who is also an over-thinker. It is a wonderful story, but I got stuck in my head and I typically like to get out of my head while reading.