Once upon a time, I thought getting pregnant would be easy…

The Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy by Dawn Dais

This is a hilarious, truthful, insightful account of what to expect for mothers and their partners. I laughed and cried along side this expectant mother as she prepared and trained for her baby during pregnancy.

The book includes practical and hysterical information such as workouts of the month, one being holding a sack of flower while using the restroom; advice for partners and advice from partners; things to do before you are pregnant; and so much more. I highly recommend this hilarious book. It would make a wonderful gift to a partner too.

Be warned, not everyone may want to know the shit they don’t tell you about being pregnant. Some women may not want to know the honest truth; however, if you do want to know the truth, read this! and have a great laugh along the way.

Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy by Angela Garbes

I absorbed this book like a sponge. I was so excited to learn more about the science and culture behind pregnancy. The author seeks to answer questions about the science behind your baby and the impact of culture on pregnancy, not only the effects that culture plays on your child, but the entire process of having a child – fascinating.

Again, not every expectant mother in your life will want to read this book, and the author does share some strong opinions, including breast feeding. After reading this book, I cannot wait to carry a child and experience the incredible feat of growing a new organ -the placenta – as well as a child. Our bodies are amazing!